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Jan 9

My @Horse_ebooks offer

Like thousands of people who spend too much time the internet, I’ve become strangely obsessed with the mysterious spam Twitter bot @Horse_ebooks. Not much is known about Horse_ebooks, though it appears to be part of a network of spam accounts promoting dumb ebooks.

Thing is, I really want to know about the person behind Horse_ebooks. As John Hermann explains in his great article about the Horse_ebooks phenomenon, the Twitter account points to a barebones ebook retailer, This is one of about 170 domains registered to some Russian guy named Alexei Kouznetsov. Kouznetsov’s address, according to the whois record, is:

Alexei Kouznetsov Kouznetsov

 Lenina 11

 Moskow,  100100

 Russian Federation

(Here is his address on Google maps.)

So here’s my offer: I’ll pay someone $50 (1597 rubles) UPDATE: $160 to go knock on the door at Lenina 11 and report to me what you find there. If you actually discover the truth about horse_ebooks and Alexei Kouznetsov through this visit I’ll give you another $25. Does Alexi exist? Is he aware of the sensation horse_ebooks has become? Is he really making money from this bullshit?

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the information. Maybe I’ll do something for work, or use it for a blog post here, or write my own ebook called The Truth About Horse_ebooks and set up a spam Twitter account to promote it. Hurry: This offer expires as soon as someone else figures out what the deal is with Horse_ebooks. For more information, email me: Twitter: @AdrianChen
Thank You,
Adrian Chen

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    Let’s make this happen, Internet.
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    Slacktory will pay $500 to the author of @Horse_ebooks to tell his own story.
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    You cannot do this. One cannot find the truth behind horse_ebooks and expect to come back.
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    I’ll throw in another $50 to sweeten the deal, btw. Adrian can handle it from there.
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    I’m in for $10. (Whhaaaaat, we can’t all work for Denton…)
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    computer horse? Ah, yes yes. Computer horse, no problem. You want computer bear too? I get
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    Read this. I am willing to match the $50 on this offer. I want answers.
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